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Drain Field Maintenance Broward County

Drain fields are one of the most vital elements of a septic plumbing system. Located underneath the soil, the drain field is part of the filtration system that ensures proper function of your septic system. Liquid waste travels from your septic tank into the drain field, where waste will be filtered from the water into the surrounding soil. This provides nutrients to the land while neutralizing any dangerous pathogens in the waste material.

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Drain Field Broward County

With any new septic system, the drainfield is going to be one of the more costly aspects. Most drainfields require quite a bit of excavation and plumbing to create but before any digging begins, permitting and planning is required.According to sites like Homeadvisor, a new drain field, or leach field will cost anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000. Before we can give you an exact cost, please contact us to schedule a site analysis.A replacement drainfield will cost more than a new drainfield installation because we have to remove and dispose of the old system.

When To Replace Your Drain Field

Drain fields can need replacement for any number of reasons. One of the most common reasons systems need to be replaced is putting chemicals, oil, pants, and other fluids into the septic system.Over time this will clog the pipes, septic tank, and the drain field.

Other reasons a field might need to be replaced are:

  • Excessive water use in the house
  • Excessive water runoff or standing water due to storms and hurricanes
  • Plant and tree roots getting into the system
  • Damage from vehicles driving over the drain field
  • Old and worn components